Power packs

Simple and compact designed, yet very easy to service. Suits every supermarket size or industrial applications with a wide range of options.

The design is optimized with compressors in only one layer, the electrical panel above and the receiver left to the compressors. This leads to a very simple and compact design.

Cold rooms

Sandwich panels with tongue and groove joint produced on a continuous line shaper, in compliance with European regulation, appropriate for the realization of cold rooms at both positive and negative temperatures.

Labelled CE in compliance with European technical approval. The panels to provide high thermal isolation performance, as well as mechanical resistance, a pleasing appearance, hygiene and easy assembly.

Industrial cooling

It is very important that cooling is used only where necessary, and that only the most efficient technology is used. For thermodynamic reasons, the energy efficiency of a cooling system increases with decreasing temperature differential. It is therefore crucial to keep this differential as low as possible.

Each system has its own application domain. The choice of the right cooling system is one of the important initial decisions that must be taken in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

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