Projects and design

Project department is bonding needs of client and our vision driven towards energy efficiency and highly ecological solutions. Streaming towards perfection, this connection continues during whole process of development of universal and custom-made solutions, providing the full support in all stages to client.

Implementation of cooling systems and assembly

Advanced management of the entire project in the implementation of cooling systems means that your order is processed without any problems from the very beginning till the very end. Dedicate your time to your business activities, family or hobbies and let us coordinate the whole process! We take the entire responsibility for all deliveries and we will ensure the optimal solutions for you.

First, we will prepare an implementation plan, then we will ensure the issue and finally we will coordinated deliveries. Our own installation teams are highly educated for implementation of every refrigeration system, in newly built or renovated commercial or industrial facilities, in a most professional way and in a shortest time needed for execution. Thus we will ensure the perfect awareness on all project phases and we will be able to decrease the implementation time to a minimum level.

Your order will be dealt with our improving team of experienced professionals. We have tested the implementation process to the maximum extent. Thanks to the long-term presence in the international market and the systematically transmitted experience we have an absolute overview, discipline and the best tools to ensure the really effective deliveries and buildings.

Control system

Customer safety is secured through supervision system is secured with constant observation and management of functionality of whole system and its energy efficiency. Whole history of temperatures of complete refrigeration system and any kind of system issue or alarm is store via monitoring system.
Energy efficiency management is also performed through monitoring system.
Our service center can have full overview of store condition and guard it 24/7. Integration of system control of all stores of one modern retail chain can be done in one central supervision system, that can be part of our service center, or customer’s internal technical department.
Via monitoring we guarantee successful project implementation.

We provide:

  • Warranty and after-warranty service;
  • Mandatory revisions of devices, tightness checks of cooling systems and leakage test of refrigeration gases;
  • Measurement and adjustment ofrequired operational parameters of devices;
  • Functionality checks and revisions;
  • Recovery or shutdown of systems for seasonal operation;
  • Expert assessment of the current state, preparation for statutory inspections, preparation of energy optimization drafts.
  • For customers who have established a contractual relationship with us for the provision of long-term services, we offer smooth operation and service operations, including the following services:
  • Professional telephone and electronic dispatching;
  • Emergency services on day-offs;
  • Operational warehouse of spare parts;
  • Online access and management of service requirements with the connection to the client‘s quality management system;
  • Provision of remote monitoring, administration and parameterization of devices;
  • Reduced rates, personnel training and other types of support;
  • We have been carrying out our service activities with pride for more than ten years.

Production of complex refrigeration systems

Our production provides wide range of refrigeration systems that stand out for the high quality, reliability, innovation and energy efficiency.

Design to meet all needs of modern small, medium, hypermarket or industrial plant, our production range offers various solutions of the system that “never rest”.

Let us design unique and optimized system for you.

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