Service 24/7 and monitoring

WSL's team of experts provides 24-hour assistance all year round with service and maintenance, as well as technical support. WSL technicians are on hand to help you troubleshoot and talk through any technical issues.

We carry out warranty and non-warranty maintenance and servicing for all our equipment. We support you with our expert assistance and original spare parts. Fast response times means the product is fixed without disruption to the customer.

Assembly and installation

The professional competence and experience of our qualified technicians on site and the technical quality and durability of the products ensure that the assembly process of delivered goods runs smoothly and according to plan. WSL technicians also take care of the final commissioning and handling of all supplied products.


Regular and professional maintenance helps to obtain the perfect appearance of your store and keeps the functionality of your investment.

We also perform contractual maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and other equipment at your premises, which are not under the warranty.

Cleaning of shopping trolleys

With proper maintenance, the shopping cart retain its good appearance and value, and also keeps longer life cycle.

WSL provide professional cleaning of shopping trolleys, transport trolleys and trolley shelters. Cleanliness of shopping trolleys and dedicated trolley spaces is maintained by gentle steam cleaning and cleaners certified to be environmentally friendly and degradable. With services that offer hygiene and safety, we provide maximum care for trolleys, which certainly customers appreciate and recognize.

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