Tailored Checkouts

A distinctive feature of this custom checkouts is the integration of a conveyor belt and a lifting roller conveyor. This clever combination streamlines the scanning of bulk merchandise, contributing significantly to store efficiency and transaction speed. The robust metal construction of these counters makes them particularly suited for large and busy retail environments, including DIY, Hardware Stores, Gardening Shops, Refurbishment Stores, and various other retail settings.

Merkur trade is a Slovenian market dealer of technical products for domestic and industrial applications. Driven by constant service improvement, the company decided to restore and modernize their checkout space and adjust it to a contemporary purchasing process. As a specialist for shop furniture and integrated stores’ solutions, WSL was chosen as a partner in this project, based on the previous good cooperation. WSL R&D team has worked closely together with the Merkur project team to design a modern and ergonomic checkout space, which will be installed in all of their trade centers.

Based on the functional and aesthetic design, this cooperation resulted in a modern looking checkout place, made of grey painted sheet metal for smooth surface and of structured stainless steel, suitable for heavy and frequent use. In the centralized position is the cash register and the cashier, that no longer needs to turn around or getting up, thus enabling a sleek purchase process, focused on the customers. An essential part of the project was on the much-digitalized cash registers, with a touch screen and a keyboard, decently stowed under the cashier. Fixed and robust counter registers have been replaced with long conveyor belt and lifting roller shelf, to facilitate the scanning of heavier and bulky products. All aesthetically incorporated in a squared island, with two cash registers together, side by side.

This partnership project exemplifies the successful fusion of design, technology, and ergonomic principles to create bespoke checkout solutions. These advanced checkouts not only blend seamlessly with the store’s overall design but also address the practical needs of both customers and cashiers, making them an ideal choice for diverse retail environments.

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