Industrial Refrigeration

WSL offers refrigeration solutions in industrial applications for production and storage the food. Detailed project analysis is important pre-phase for successful and efficient installation of refrigeration equipment and their proper functionality.
After proper selection of technology for the refrigeration system the next phase is preliminary design and then detailed project analysis and organisation and later implementation. In the design phase, we select technical solutions and equipment that meets high quality criteria, professional commissioning and all together to have achievement of adequate cooling needs.

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WSL’s architecture and engineering team as refrigeration solution design:

  • Solutions with HFC refrigeration technology
  • Solutions with CO2 refrigeration technology
  • Solutions with NH3 industrial compressors
  • Cascade systems in CO2/ NH3 solutions


NH3 industrial compressors

Full range of reciprocating and rotary compressors with positive displacement will comply all refrigeration requests of food industries, logistic centres and warehouses.

Cascade systems

Combination of benefits from standard systems, cascade becomes symbiose of safety and efficiency. Solutions with upper NH3 or HFC and CO2 as lower cascade, with options of secondary fluids (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, temper) can achieve great results for modern industrial facilities.