We all feel that we live in a rapidly and dramatically changing world. Like we respond to changes in all segments of life, the retail also has to respond, or even better, try to predict what will the future look like. What will the customer need tomorrow?

We cannot know what the future will be like, but we can dare to be innovative based on ambition and creativity.

On-line shopping has become part of our shopping habits. This presents new challenges to the physical store. The experience of the physical store and the brand is essential and is influenced largely by the products and also by  atmosphere, service provided and other customers. The experience of the space triggers emotions in the customer. A sense of belonging and being part of the brand will bring him back to the physical store.

The importance of ambience…

Colours, materials, lighting and special displays, all of these details can make a pleasant shopping experience. These are static elements that are an unchanged part of the store. They tell visitors in 3D what retailer they are visiting.