Plug&Play Semi-Vertical Cabinet HORIZON SV P&P

Open or doors

  • Member of unified HORIZON design line – clean and aesthetic
  • Low front base – maximized total display area
  • Condensation unit in pull-out drawer – easy access for maintenance


  • Metal top canopy – a variety of colour options available
  • Temperature class: M1 / M2 / H1


  • Transparent glass doors – high visibility of products
  • Temperature class: M0 / M1 / M2 / H1

Refrigerant:  R290

More information

HORIZON P&P is a semi-vertical plug-in refrigerated cabinet with condensation unit at the bottom of the cabinet. Condensation unit below the cabinet is very low and occupies an extremely small space which increases the total display area of HORIZON P&P cabinets. The condensate unit is installed in a pull-out drawer, which enables easy access for maintenance. With its half height, Horizon enables to obtain a perfect cooling performance and low height area requirements. This type of cabinet is an ideal solution for any type of sales area, it enhances the visibility of the displayed products and provides reduction in energy consumption.

HORIZON P&P is suitable for self-service sale of prepacked products such as meat, delicatessen, dairy products.

Due to implemented natural refrigerant R290 HORIZON P&P is operating quietly and leaves a smaller footprint on the environment.

Standard equipment:

  • Manual night curtain  (HORIZON SV P&P Open)
  • Canopy LED lighting
  • Transparent hinged glass doors


  • Controller options (Danfoss, Carel, Dixell, Wurm, Eliwell)
  • Number of shelves
  • Horizontal or vertical LED lighting (colour adapted to food group)
  • High efficiency EC fans
  • Stainless steel bumper
  • PVC bumper
  • Sliding doors
  • Endwalls/Intermediate – blind, panoramic, mirrored
  • A variety of interior/exterior colour options

Accessories: shelf and vertical dividers, shelf and base grids, plexi product stoppers, etc.