Shelving systems

Shelving System KM | Modular design | Efficient layout and possibility of good allocation | Different size options | LED backlight | Shelving System FS | Additional aisles space | More efficient merchendaising | Cost efficiency | Island shelving and wall solutions for fruits and vegetables | Bright and fresh | Customized solutions | Island and wall solutions for bakery | Modern design | Customizable solutions | Perfect product visibility | Durability

Checkout Counters

Checkout counters for express purchases, supermarket desks, hypermarket desks, C&C stores, and specialized stores with special requirements | Adjustable by their form and functionality - can be delivered as custom made checkout counters

Storage equipment

Hand-load shelving system | Pallet racking system | Heavy duty pallet racking system | Drive-In system | Push-back system | Cantilever racking | Walkways and Mezzanines | Stainless steel hand-loaded shelving system

Customized furniture

Equipment for specialized departments dedicated to selling bakery products, fruits, vegetables and wine | High quality elements | Attractive aesthetics | Distinctive design | Designed to meet all individual requirements of retail | Increases sales and encourages the customer to buy


POS equipment intended for the final steps of the purchase, special offers, promotion and cigarette sales | Promotional frames in various shapes and sizes with a wide variety of accessories | Promotional racks and price racks made of plastic, aluminum or wood | Partition walls for shelves, push systems and other systems for decoration and in-store promotion of products | Bulk Bins that satisfy all requirements for the sale of bulk goods, feature high quality, excellent design, ease of use, simple method of filling-up, simple cleaning and undemanding maintenance | Presentation plates which comprises high quality products made of melamine | Presentation trays, bowls of various sizes, plates, accessories and decorative elements are indispensable for supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, butcher shops and caterers

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