Design concept

There are as many sales concepts as there are shopping habits. How they change depends on the purchasing power, customer needs and the trends. All these changes impact the creation process. So it is necessary to anticipate them and take them into account in a timely manner. Our motive of design is to deliver value in the supply chain and create a unique customer experience.

Beyond just creating a good-looking store with aesthetically pleasing displays, our strategy is also to set up a store in a certain way to optimize space and sales. With WSL refrigeration technology and our consultants the retailers will display products to be attractive to the shopper, keeping at the same time the product temperature and environment around the food at the optimum.

Our approach

WSL specialise in the areas of retail consulting, retail design in terms of refrigeration and ambientation. We develop space concepts that combine all aspects of architecture, design, marketing and sales. We bring together target groups, product range, space and brand with high design standards which guarantees the security of your investment in every project phase.

We carry out turn-key refrigeration and shop fitting projects that represent integral solutions.

We participate in existing projects and integrate our experience with your ideas.

We offer a refrigeration program and all other store furniture that comprises high quality products.

Design process


Analysis of the location

Customer wishes and requirements

Retail design in terms of refrigeration and ambientation

Sales program

Required equipment

Type of equipment

Price segment



Creating a conceptual design based on the input information

Complying with the input information

Following the modern trends and technology


Verifying the conceptual design of the project together with the customer

Adjusting the project

Analysing the project together with the customer

Specifying the equipment (type, colours,materials, etc.)

Adjusting the project specifics (custom elements)

Specifying the elements of the store interior (flooring, ceiling, walls, etc.) on a conceptual level

Additional elements of the store interior (conceptual design of the lighting, graphic design elements, decorative elements, etc.)


Ordering the equipment

Controling production of equipment

Transferring the project to commercial adjustment phase

Supervision at the location (adapting the equipment to any changes that occur on the spot)

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