Tailor-made project for VOLI

WSL Refrigeration is continuing a successful cooperation with VOLI chain store, from Monte Negro. In the recent project, WSL was entrusted to devise a store in Žabljak, a small, yet touristic town in the center of Durmitor mountain region, famous of its winter and summer tourism. Having the focus on the customers, WSL managed to create a store with a unique look, integrating modernity with local spirit, by using wooden and stone paneling, decently embedded in the store ambientation. Design, performance and respect for the (local) environment was our execution guide.

The installation of refrigerated cabinets designed by WSL Refrigeration merges design, performance and respect for the environment. Vertical cabinets of the premium SKY and semi-vertical from Comet S, generating a harmonized and engaging refrigeration line. Worthy of note is also the set-up of the cheese, deli and fresh meat in Attraction Serve Over display area. Impulse purchase of prepacked products is enhanced in STAR islands, while the frozen food is displayed in blocks of NEPTUN island cabinets. Smartly designed fruit and vegetable corner, based on the traditional market subtly attracts the customers in the upper part of the store. While the bake-off self-service display is in the spotlight store, creating positive shopping impact. The solutions have ensured a restyling of space with a modern look, able to preserve the local spirit, with an eye, which is always attentive to sustainable issues.

  • Store design
  • Interior decoration
  • Ambience
  • WSL Refrigerated cabinets
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