Ganimed FG XL 188

Plug&Play Island GANIMED XL FG

Island or wall installation

  • Low temperature island cabinet
  • Large storage space inside
  • Modern squared design
  • Sliding glass lids closure system
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy product access
  • Easy to clean

Temperature class: L1 / M1

Refrigerant: R290

Energy Label:

Energy Label C

*Label depends on the specific product configuration

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GANIMED XL FG is a plug&play island cabinet with panoramic glass front wall, providing a better view of the merchandise and enhanced presentation of the products. This freezer cabinet boasts environmentally friendly no-frost technology and is an optimal solution for displaying and storing frozen products, with easy access.

Ganimed XL FG contains natural refrigerant R290 and performs the defrosting process using the hot gas in the refrigeration cycle, thus preventing frost in frozen cabinets, without the need for an additional energy source. It uses its energy economically without compromising the cooling rates of the foods and beverages placed in its chamber.

GANIMED XL FG island is also available in version with positive temperature.

GANIMED XL 212/250 can be perfectly combined with GANIMED XL TOP, a plug-in horizontal cabinet. Fully equipped with with LED Lighting, this cabinet offers maximum visibility of displayed products. It has its own evaporator and controller to ensure optimal operation and maximum energy efficiency.

Standard equipment:

  • Panoramic front glass¬†(FG)¬†wall
  • LED lighting
  • Curved-tempered-Low-E Glass
  • Front bumper
  • No-frost system
  • Dust-free/Maintenance Free Condenser


  • Variable speed compressor
  • Second line bumper
  • Available in negative or positive temperature regime
  • A variety of exterior colour options

Accessories: Price Label, Grid separators (Set), Grid Baskets, Castors ( 4 Pcs), Island middle sheet price holder

Ganimed FG XL head

Plug&Play Island

Ganimed XL FG