Remote Vertical Cabinet SKY

Open or Doors

  • Member of unified SKY design line – unique glass top edge
  • Low front base – maximized total display area
  • Evaporator at the back – empty base allows easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel base – longer lifetime

SKY Open

  • Glass top canopy – elegant clean design
  • Temperature class: M1 / M2 / H1

SKY Doors

  • Full height frameless glass doors – total visibility of products
  • Temperature class: M0 / M1 / M2 / H1

Refrigerant: R744 or HFC

Energy Label*:


SKY cabinets have unified design, base and bumper height, aligned with NEPTUN S, NEPTUN COMBO S and COMET S, perfect for side by side placement, generating a harmonized and engaging refrigeration line.

*Label depends on the specific product configuration

More information

SKY is a full height vertical refrigerated cabinet with modern and elegant external design which will draw the customer to a more pleasurable experience and inviting to reach in for something fresh. With the highest of quality production techniques and advanced controllers for optimal operation, SKY cabinet provides low energy consumption, maximum visibility of the products and perfect cooling performance. The premium look of the cabinet is complement with glass top canopy, stainless steel air grid and stainless steel bumper. Evaporator position at the back of the cabinet allows easy cleaning of the base tank.

SKY has large selection of configuration including WINE and ROLL-IN version. SKY WINE cabinet belongs to the premium class of refrigerated furniture with mirror effect and special designed stainless steel shelves. It is ideal to display bottles at an optimal temperature.


Standard equipment:

  • Glass top canopy (SKY Open)
  • Automatic night curtain
  • Full height frameless glass doors
  • Canopy LED lighting
  • High efficiency EC fans
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Stainless steel bumper


  • Controller options (Danfoss, Carel, Dixell, Wurm, Eliwell)
  • Number of shelves
  • Horizontal or vertical LED lighting (colour adapted to food group)
  • Complete stainless steel interior version
  • WINE version
  • ROLL-IN version (M1 / M2 / H1)
  • Endwalls/Intermediate – blind, panoramic, mirrored
  • A variety of interior/exterior colour options

Accessories: wine shelves, meat hangers, front risers, vertical and shelf dividers, shelf and base grids, etc.

Remote Vertical Cabinet