Ljubljana / Slovenia

Shop solutions made by WSL Refrigeration for completely renovated flagship gourmet store MAXI MARKET in city center of Ljubljana. Maxi gourmet market is modern, features urban design and latest shopping trend in terms of appearance, content and technology. All refrigeration equipment based on energy efficiency CO2 system was supplied and installed by WSL. Complete renovation of the market was done in an extremely short period of 4 weeks on a sales surface 2.355 m2.


Donja Gorica / Montenegro

WSL Refrigeration in cooperation with Voli Trade developed a new store concept with Fresh To-Go area at the sales surface of 1.187 m2. Complete technology and layout, as well as store design and cooling planning were done by WSL. The new Voli concept store offers high level of service and customized solutions, new goods presentation, units combined with custom prototype construction – everything designed, supplied and installed by WSL. The store incorporates latest shopping trends where our partner took significant step in the direction of the future, creating its new in-store shopping experience.

They trust us ...

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